Chris Talarico

             Award Winning Entrepreneur.Author.Staffing/Recruiting Expert.Career Coach


I’ve worked with Chris Talarico since 1994. Her expertise and dedication to matching qualified candidates with employers ensures her unique success. There is a difference between just throwing candidates at an opening and actually screening candidates (and employers) for a precise match. Chris knows the difference, which ensures her success.

More recently, Chris has been like my right arm sourcing candidates for our particular businesses. We certainly do not have run-of-the mill openings. Chris is never fazed by unique or unusual challenges. She rolls up her sleeves, gets right in there and works as our business partner to navigate these twists and turns.

Besides being a business partner every step of the way, Chris follows up with both the candidate and the business even after the candidate has been placed in the role. She never turns her back on a placement. I am constantly recommending Chris to business contacts as well as personal contacts and will continue to do so.

Chris is a 10 as far as I am concerned!”

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