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     Chris Talarico

             Award Winning Entrepreneur.Author.Staffing/Recruiting Expert.Career Coach


At the age of 26 in 1992, Chris founded Chris Talarico & Associates, Inc. Employment Services.  With a small investment of $500, unstoppable determination and a mission to help others achieve success. Chris's dream of owning a successful business soon became a reality! Her small start-up company rapidly grew into an AWARD WINNING corporation, grossing on average,  eighteen million dollars in sales.

A reputation you can trust to recruit, evaluate and

provide ONLY the TOP 10% of talent to join your team!

Here's how we've helped 1000's of companies achieve results.

Unsurpassed Expertise-Chris Talarico, is a Staffing Solutions Expert, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Career Coach and Author of
“Your Employment Marketplace” (a book she wrote to help people find jobs).


We’ve been actively evaluating Skilled Trades & Manufacturing candidates for several of our clients…

We have excellent people who are eager to join your team!

 It does not cost you anything to interview our thoroughly screened, qualified, experienced and skilled candidates.

The proof is in our performance.


Talent Scouts.Personnel Placement.Direct Hire Search.Transitional Outplacement.

Career Coaching.Temporary Staffing Vendor Contract Evaluation & Negotiation

We’ve connected 10's of 1,000’s of amazing people with great companies, our network is substantial.

Temporary vs. Direct Hire Placement Important Facts/Observations

Temporary/Temp to Hire workers are beneficial for particular circumstances; non-skilled positions, vacations, long-term employee leave, or short term volume business. The last thing your company needs is to try to “fit a square peg into a round hole” or to employ a person lacking the particular skills needed to perform an important job with your company that they are not qualified for or dedicated to learning.

In many cases, in this current employment market, it’s difficult to find reliable, honest and qualified temporary workers. Many of the candidates  provided by temporary services are under-skilled, poorly screened, with a lack of job stability. who are often consistently recycled by several staffing firms due to lack available of the recruiting and screening capabilities.

 Temporary/Temp to Hire workers have a different mindset than direct hire candidates. Many temporary employees do not feel the same level of dedication, responsibility or commitment to an employer as someone who becomes a part of the team from day one. Temporary employees will continue to “shop” for direct hire jobs, more pay/benefits or better hours, in turn, leaving you to absorb wasteful training and hiring costs.

 By utilizing Chris Talarico for your Direct Hire staffing needs, you gain access to our unique pool of skilled, dedicated and motivated talent.

 The majority of skilled, motivated and reliable people are currently working.

It’s a fact that people that are currently working do not typically apply with temporary employment services because they will not leave a permanent job for a temporary to hire assignment. There’s not guarantee for employment and they are not offered benefits for many months.

There is another group of amazing talent out there who do not apply to job postings, temporary services or employment ads due to confidentiality. These talented people are currently working, are utilizing their skills on a daily basis, and motivated to contribute to a company’s success/growth.





We've saved our clients millions of dollars!

We’ve developed a unique network of of talented  job seekers who do not typically apply to job posting, websites, ads or other staffing companies. Why??? Because they trust only our expertise to assist them with their confidential job search (especially if currently employed).

We've cultivated a diverse social media audience consisting of well over 25,000 people.

Our vast database consists of 10's of thousand's of outstanding people who've already been vetted. They're eager to join reputable & stable companies.


GOOD people know GOOD people

and their referrals are priceless!

Dramatically reduce employee turnover 

and increase productivity!

Over the past 25+ years, Chris Talarico has established highly  procedures to effectively attract, recruit and retain only the top 10% of individuals seeking employment in: Skilled Trades, Office Support, Sales and Executive Level Positions.  

Our interview/resume submission to hire ratio

is on average 2:1 or 1:1

For every 2 (or in some cases 1) of our candidate(s) interviewed by our clients, 1 person is hired. The industry average is 15:1 or 15 interviews = 1 hire.

By placing the best talent with your company, we will greatly reduce the time needed for pain staking, as well as costly team training time invested, lower employee turnover and increase your daily productivity.

If your company has to consistently retrain and rehire unqualified temporary employees who end up having no loyalty to your organization and endup not working out, then you are unnecessarily losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.




Chris Talarico and her team will substantially decrease your hiring expenses and in turn, increase your bottom line!

A reputation you can trust to recruit, evaluate and provide ONLY the TOP 10% of qualified individuals to join your team!

Award Winning Staffing Solutions Experts since 1992