"As a business owner herself for over 25 years, Chris truly understands the importance of hiring the BEST, experienced and dedicated

individuals for your team."

Ann Marie Hayek, Pure Talent Agency

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​​​Staffing Solutions Expert

"Chris is an EXPERT in the Staffing Industry and enthusiastic about recruiting. She was extremely diligent in making sure she understood the needs of our company when recruiting for a complex position and was able to work with us to find the perfect candidate. Chris is my "go-to" for those unique and difficult to staff positions!"

Jennifer Hoffman Clark

Human Resources

Adelphia Seafood Company

“Chris is very professional in her approach to recruiting. She took the time to ask the right questions so that she could source the most suitable candidate for our position. She came prepared and left us feeling comfortable with her knowledge of our industry, and confident that she would deliver the exact candidate that we needed—and she did!”   

Ann Conway
Vice President of
Human Resources
Elbeco Incorporated
Reading, PA

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     Chris Talarico

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employment services, talent aquisition, hiring
employment services, talent aquisition, hiring

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Chris is a 10 as far as I am concerned!" "I've worked with Chris Talarico since 1994. Her expertise and dedication to matching qualified candidates with employers ensures her unique success. There is a difference between just throwing candidates at an opening and actually screening candidates (and employers) for a precise match."

"Chris knows the difference, which ensures her success. More recently, Chris has been like my right arm sourcing candidates for our particular businesses. We certainly do not have run-of-the mill openings. Chris is never fazed by unique or unusual challenges."


At Chris Talarico Enterprises, we take time consuming, costly and stressful hiring projects off your shoulders but never out of your hands.  That starts with a professional consultation where we get to know your company-your needs, your culture, your goals.  Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to create an effective recruiting plan guaranteed to result in securing you qualified, reliable and outstanding people for your team. 

Which leaves you free to focus and tackle on more important tasks that will keep you increasing your bottom line.

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Lisa Rhodes,
Human Resource Manager,

United Corrstack & Evergreen Power